fredag den 22. april 2016

The forest beyond

I have decided to engage myself in a new crazy project. Say hallo to The forest beyond, a completely handmade stopmotion world. It's a interactive world where small kids, 3-5 years, can explore the magic forest together with the main character. It's designet for tablets and will be available on iOS and android in, hopefully a year or two

The development can also be followed on the development blog;

torsdag den 31. marts 2016

Pirats room

Morning. Yesterday I was having a workshop with some kids and I made them choose between; a pirats room, a cowboy saloon or a street in paris. The assignment was to gather reference and take the best part of the pictures they found. I had a bit of time afterwards to noodle as well, so here is my result smile emoticon Arghhhh
1 Hour of gathering, drawing and putting on some values

onsdag den 30. marts 2016

Early wake up - Children's bedtime book

My children's book is final out and available on the google play store. Please support a starving (to some degree) in making more stuff like this :)

lørdag den 26. marts 2016

lørdag den 20. februar 2016

Painting the parkour place

This is going to be a couple of post dedicated to a side project of pimping up my local parkour place

The first step was to take some pictures to get a overview of the walls and the size.

After flattening the pictures, I drew out a rough sketch in photoshop and used is as an image plane in Maya to help me make a mockup of the scene to help guide the perspective. I tried to get in some Norman rigs to play around with the poses and have fun staging the characters

No quite done with the scene, but in a stage where I could export (screenshot and past) back into photoshop and get some linework going.
I'll post some more update as the project moves along. The final image will be projected back on the wall and painted. Final size will be something like 8x4 m

Final step of the painting. The final drawing, made in maya and photoshop,  was projected up on the wall and traced with paint. Big rollers and sponges to paint the white part and smaller brushes to paint the black lines. The painting ended up taking two days to make and we made into the local news paper. I found it to be a very nice way to make something big on the walls and still incorporate the workflow I'm used to with the computer

lørdag den 2. januar 2016

Master study

A 1.5 hour study of a painting by Jean- Léon gérôme.

1 hour of studying Anders Zorn.