mandag den 7. juli 2014


First day in Prague. Nice to be in a city with a condensed city center, with a million things to draw

CGMA week 3-8

Here is the rest of the drawings and paintings I made durring the CGMA workshop: Enviroment sketching for production. I learned a lot, but most important, it gave me some tools to keep on building my skills. Thanks to Armand for 8 inspirational weeks!

torsdag den 5. juni 2014

tirsdag den 20. maj 2014

Drawings from Morimondo

Drawings from my trip to Morimondo for the annual medieval reenactment. Thanks to all the lovely people who made it a great experience.

mandag den 12. maj 2014

CGMA week 2

Second weeks assignment was to further elaborate on the story and make a rough layout of the location. We also had to list up the Need and the Wants of the story as indicated on the first page. I'm trying out to work both with a painterly approach and lasso-tool technique.