onsdag den 19. december 2012

A couple of half hour-one hour color doodles of my Parisian Hotel

torsdag den 13. december 2012

Here are some illustrations I helped Jonas M. Jensen with. Its done for a bizzar book project to help farmers think more innovative. I did moste of the color thumbs and most of the backgrounds. Jonas did all the characters and the linework thumb for each picture


Jonas´s characters



onsdag den 21. november 2012

Le Petit Hotel

A work in progress of a 3D model of a french hotel building. The model is loosly based on a small sketch I did this summer in Paris.

torsdag den 15. november 2012

Viborg Animation Festival

These are som illustrations done for the Viborg Animation Festival; VAF.

onsdag den 7. november 2012

Trip to Egypt

To "celebrate" that it's two weeks since I came back from Egypt, I have scanned six pages from my sketchbook.

tirsdag den 6. november 2012


 Just a couple of jolly pirats. The last one was drawn after a round of feedback from Jonas M. Jensen
Both of them took around two hours to draw in Tv Paint.

onsdag den 10. oktober 2012

One day left for the premiere of Marco Macaco. I did four minutes of 2D animation for the movie. I have already seen it on a pre screening and I'm quite pleased with it. I'm looking forward to be able to show the scenes I have made, here on my blog.

tirsdag den 2. oktober 2012

game jam

This is some screengrabs from a weekend Game-Jam, hosted here in Viborg. The theme for the jam, was "resistance". The game we made is a moving tower defense, where you have to protect the cigar trucks from the angry rebellions. Everything is made in two days, from Friday in the afternoon to Sunday morning. I have tried and failed to make it to the end of the game, but give it a shot :)

After pressing play, drag four soldiers to the grey dots to equip the trucks with men. Key 1 - 4 responds to each of the men selected. Unity needs to be installed, so click run when asked.

torsdag den 6. september 2012

childrens book

Here is a bit more development from the upcoming book. With the design finalized, I'm moving into the animation phase of the project now. For the last couple of days I have been thumbnailing all the animations out and try to get an overview of how many scenes there is to animate. I'll post some animation thumbs soon and some animation test after that.

torsdag den 30. august 2012

Childrens book

Hi. Here is the latest thing that I am working on:

It's an interactive animated children’s book for preschool kids aged 2-6. I'm developing this project with a very good friend of mine, who is doing the programming and making sure that the story is solid. In three months’ time, it should be available in the app store in iTunes for all IPads.

Here are a couple of teasers from the blog of the book. Press the image above to go there.

onsdag den 8. august 2012

A bunch of studies from photograpy. I think by study the photos, I can get a better sens of how light works in the real world. The bedst thing, would of corse be to go out in the real world with the computer. Once I get a new laptop that can last more than ten minutes on a charge, I think I´ll give it a shot.

The last couple of days I have been digging this artist i found; Shaddy Safadi. He is really skilled at landscape painting and setting a good mood.

torsdag den 26. juli 2012

Just feel like sharing some link to a couple of really awesome blogs that I have been spending a lot of time reading this summer:

Muddy colors

Temple of the seven golden camels


They are really worth digging into. Bon appetit
Some visual development for the comic

Here is my contribution for a collection of short comics being published soon. The theme is the Danish asylum politic and how much attention it has in the general public. The comic book is being distributed for free on cafés around Copenhagen this summer

This is some pages from my sketchbook from this summer. Together with my girlfriend, we visited Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Girona, Pamplona and San Sebastian. It was really inspiring to sketch my way through all these cities.