tirsdag den 18. juni 2013

Character design

A bit of doodling around while reading some old sagas from Iceland.

tirsdag den 11. juni 2013

operation tropical blade

Just couldn´t help myself to work some more on the airplane. Half a days works. I aimed to keep it as lowpoly as possible: 657 tris. All the flaps are riged so they can move and the same with blades.

mandag den 3. juni 2013

Game jam

Heres the result of two days of game jamming. We got the theme friday evening and sunday morning the game had to be finished or at best, playable. I teamed up with two really skilled programmers, so it was a lot of fun to just be able to spit out assets and see them become playable. Thanks to all the people who arranged the jam.

Play the game for free here