lørdag den 9. oktober 2010

First things first. On one of the trips I had around in Thailand, where I'm currently staying for my intern ship, I made a small doodle of a temple ruin and it made it all the way to Photoshop. I'm right now in the tedious process of learning the fundamentals of painting in Photoshop and at the same time, trying not to forget all the basic rules/tools of picture making. Status on the development is that I'm trying out brushes, so that the painting will look painted and not completely smudged. A good inspiration for some awesome brushwork can be found on the cgtalk threat: Sergey Kolesov. Underneath are some development-screen grab to show some of the steps I follow when painting. Feel free to drop a comment about the process or the picture.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hej Andy,
    How goes in Thailand? Superfedt med ny blog, deiligt at se prosessen. Kan selv godt lide at lave values først. Ser også godt ud at man kan se brushstrokes, me likes.

  2. me likes you too Magnus :) tak for kommentaren. hvis du har noget kritik, så skal du bare fyre løs