tirsdag den 11. januar 2011

Well. Long time no post. A year has past and now I'm sitting here in my birth town of Aarhus. Its snowing and cold outside and I'm finishing my long ramp in the education system the 28 of Jan. As for now, I have been so lucky to get a freelance job at the company where I did my internship; The Monk Studio. I'm currently involved with doing storyboard for the TV-series; Paddle Pop and its a good learning experience. A couple of week ago, I was thinking about making a small storyboard-ABC of things you don't find in books, but I think I'll hold my horses and wait a bit while I'm still fumbling around myself.

As the graduation comes near, I have decided its time to retire my old business-card and make a brand new. The picture is take from on of my previous paintings; The fox family. Now its time to run out in the world and hand them out with deadly ninja precision.

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