torsdag den 10. marts 2011

Here is an overview on some of my thought processes, when deciding on the look of the house.
At the same time as establishing the look of the house, I would also try to find the general look of the film.

First off, I found a bunch of references and found out what I liked in each of them. I found that the general theme in the references, is the way that the light binds the picture together. The light becomes a color that fill the image and blends all the color very nicely.

With the reference next to me, I started out painting the first color thumbs. After a while, I was satisfied with the result and started to paint a bigger and more detailed version. Soon I found out that I haven’t done enough research about the look of the surrounding village and the house itself.
I started to do some more thumb-nailing of the village and decided on a look.

The village, I found, is located in a forest at the foothill of a greater system of mountains. I made the terrain slop downwards to the right to show this. This would also make for a more interesting composition. Some trees has been cut down to make room for the village, but some remains and functions as the core element in the houses build around them.

Upon deciding that, I started making more color thumbs. I made a loose line-drawing, duplicated it out and started making different color schemes. I pulled in some more references to look at. After a while, I decided on a thumb and blew it up to ten times seize and started to paint in details.

Looking at the “final” result now, it looks a bit bleached out, but as a starting point, it works quite well I figure. If you have any comments for all these posts about the fox story, please feel free to write me a line

Next stop is more character design...

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  1. Looking good! Good sense of atmosphere. Is it for a shortfilm?

  2. Hey magnus.
    Sorry for the late answer. It's just a small project of mine. I work on it when I'm jobless :) recently I have been quite busy, so the project is on hold until I find the time again