tirsdag den 19. juli 2011

I just came home to Denmark now after ten wonderfull days in London and Catalonia. On my three hours flight back home to Copenhagen, I listened to Pod-casts about Adobe Lightroom, so the moment I got home, I decided to develop some pictures I have take some time ago. Its a day out with my girlfriend at the art museum; Lousiana, a trip to the building "8 tallet" at Amager and a quick stop by the Zoo. Its my first stab at LightRoom, so many of the pictures might be a bit over-develope in my eagerness to try new things off.

I noticed that some of the pictures is not responding when selected. I think its because I'm working with my blog in Internet explorer right now and it seems to be a bit buggy. Ill uploade the pictures again when im on my on comfortable machine with FireFox/Chrome

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