onsdag den 9. november 2011

Here is stage two on my bakery project. Its still a work in progress, but by now I have been trying out a lot of different technics in achieving the look. I have worked on top of the render in Photoshop to add on a lot of details like the cracks in the walls, the poster and the wallpaper texture. Some of the things would have been easier to do in Maya, but it was fun to try to add it on in Photoshop. Ill most likely shelf this project for a little while for now.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Just Photoshop? Are you kidding me? You're pretty good to make something like this out of virtually nothing. Try making the chef character in Maya and put it in this bakery. That would look fantastic. Do you plan on putting up a real one, by any chance?

    Judith Gaston

  2. I never knew Photoshop could produce works this beautiful when mastered, the piece looks like it was edited in Maya. Well, I knew Maya before it was introduced to us by our professor. I stopped editing because I needed to handle the family's business.

    @Judith: Speaking of which, the blueprint of our coffee shop was first made in Photoshop by our cousin, which later on turned into Maya.

    Dylan May

  3. You're pretty good at Photoshop. It would probably take me hours to finish this kind of design in Photoshop, LOL. I only know Maya. I designed my uncle's mini store in Japan using Maya.

    Jamie Shellman